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VR Engages Real Estate Buyer with Virtual Tour

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Real estate developers face a unique challenge in their industry: How do they convince clients to invest in a property that doesn’t exist? 


While floor plans can offer a general outline, most (if not all) people struggle to visualize their future purchases. It’s difficult to develop an emotional connection to a new property from a two-dimensional drawing. Buying a new house, condo or apartment is a high-value purchase decision so it is hardly surprising that house-hunters are expecting more. 

In fact, according to Forbes, "77% of Americans say they would love to see a home using virtual reality (VR) before visiting a prospective home".


Interior design company, Kays Design Lab, came to EKCS’s Alt Reality X for help. They needed a VR solution to enable them to showcase properties for their clients. 

The Challenge

Since VR tech is new, implementing it within the real estate sector was a task. The end experience was to be utilized by real estate architects. Their needs were specific and precise so there was no room for any error for the Alt Reality X team. 

Alt Reality X was to offer the following - 

  • An immersive, detailed, and 100% accurate experience

  • A virtual home tour experience rendered in 8K resolution

  • The ability to visualize the property with unique finishes, wallpapers, furnishings, and furniture 

Alt Reality X used their expertise to create and design the whole concept, from conception to completion.

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The Solution

A web-based architecture with 360° views and 3D Visualization would enable users to get a real feel of the interior design. Considering every single aspect, the Alt Reality X team set about to create a comprehensive VR experience. It included: 


  • Interiors - Alt Reality X developed an interior design experience with a real-feel view. With added elegance in the customers’ dream property, viewers would be able to imagine themselves living in the property.


  • Live View - Alt Reality X built the view of the entire virtual home and every element of its decor, consisting of 10 different units in varied themes. This would help the prospective buyer to have a better idea of the property.


  • 360-degree panoramic tours - The final experience consisted of 360-degree panoramic tours of the interior rendered designs in 3D. The virtual tours included walkarounds of all aspects of the home including the kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedrooms, den, and more.




From exterior views to interior house tours, Kay’s Design Lab now had access to realistic 3D models, 3D Rendering, 360-degree panoramic views with 360°videos, which enabled their customers to visualize a space before it was built. Users were able to use a mouse to rotate views and click on icons to move between rooms. 


Find out how Alt Reality X from EKCS can partner with your existing team and provide AR VR production support, contact us at

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