Virtual Reality

This villa has VR 360° self-running video and VR 360° images with hotspot.

VR Villa

Move the cursor to view 360° environment and click on the given hotspot to move into the VR scene and get virtual reality experiences.

VR Interior

VR Interior

VR Village Tour

The Terrain of this VR village tour was captured from actual geographical location.

360° TimesLapse

This 360° sunset timelapse has been shoot with 360° camera.


You can re-arrange the furniture in the given space. The Chair and the side table of the bed are grabbable. You can pick it up by putting the fingertip over the object without losing contact and drag left or right and drop it anywhere in the VR room.

This is an Oculus and Android version. Scan the QR code and run the app on your device and select the AR VR mode.

ARVR Room V08.png
VR room.jpg

web ar 

AR Chair.png

Scan the QR code and run the app on mobile browser and select the AR mode given on the left button tab. Visit for Navigation Instructions

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