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How Brands have Integrated AR & VR in Their Digital Marketing Strategy?

How Brands have Integrated AR & VR in Their Digital Marketing Strategy?

Technology plays an important role in the branding and marketing of any company. Technology is rapidly changing globally, and brands have no other option but to adopt the new marketing strategies introduced by new technologies.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) solutions are the new and emerging marketing strategies that customers love to experience. The AR & VR marketing strategies increase the brand value of a product and make it popular among the customers. The unique experience of new technologies makes the customers or target consumer base curious to know more about the product.

Companies use AR and VR to stand out from the crowd. Let’s know how the intervention of technology empowering marketing strategies;

How AR & VR Empower Marketing Strategies of Brands

AR & VR have become pillars of today’s marketing strategies, and they also play an important role in purchase decisions. The brands using AR & VR for marketing give a unique experience to their customers and leave a positive impact on them. The new normal has pushed the companies to re-think new strategies as the old strategies have boundaries now. For example, the events cannot occur, and not all of them can be canceled, so they are organized virtually.

VR technology becomes the only solution for engaging the customers and offering them unique interactive experiences. AR has also proven to be an excellent replacement for physical presence. It helps the brands to allow their potential customers to try the products in their app or website with the help of their phone camera.

How Brands Have Integrated AR & VR in Their Digital Marketing Strategy?

Integration of AR and VR creates a unique effect that the consumer cannot forget easily. AR & VR has benefitted various industries globally. AR & VR has emerged as a potential tool for storytelling and visualizing for marketers. Thanks to these technologies, the brands are creating experiential and immersive content and are able to reach a global audience. Brands have a positive impact on their revenue using AR & VR in their marketing strategies. Let’s know how the brands use AR & VR in marketing;


The lip-smashing cookies don’t need any introduction, but still, it uses the VR marketing campaign to take its consumers to the world of Oreo. The milk river and Oreo biscuits floating on it are such a treat to the eyes. The 360° interactive world of filled cupcake flavored Oreos attracts the consumers to buy it without any second thought. The complete campaign looks so delicious, and you feel a craving for the cookie.

Samsung VR

Samsung, a company known for its creativity, also used the new technology to give an out-of-the-world experience to its customers. It used the VR technique to create a moon so that users can experience a real moon landing. With the collaboration of NASA, Samsung created a lunar gravity that gives the participants a real-like experience of landing on the moon. The users need to wear the suit, harnesses, and Samsung VR headset to feel what it’s like to walk on the moon.

The Last Word

The new technologies have opened the doors to interact with the customers and show them a better picture of products. VR technology is highly interactive, and AR highlights the brands’ status. More than 70% of companies have adopted AR & VR, and the rest will have to do it soon to enhance their customer base. The companies can take help from some professionals like Alt Reality X to create some mesmerizing effects with AR and VR technologies. For any AR VR related enquiries, please write to

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