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How Virtual Reality is Changing the Game!

How Virtual Reality is Changing the Game!

It’s no longer just for gaming! Virtual Reality (VR), is shaking things up across all industries - retail, manufacturing, healthcare, etc. Virtual reality is an exciting concept where the user's mind finds a virtual world as a real one.

In virtual reality, the users can see, hear or touch the computer-generated content. It’s an exciting concept, and it indeed is the future of technology. People from non-technical backgrounds love it as much as computer scientists. The virtual world gives unique experiences to users in gaming and many other fields.

The VR system includes an especially designed headset, gloves, all-direction treadmills, and goggles. Despite all these instruments, it's not easy to confuse the human mind with VR. The complete working process of VR is complex but in-trend. So, let’s understand how virtual reality has started to help global brands -

1. Lockheed Martin

Aerospace company Lockheed Martin is now using VR to build the F-35. At one time, the defense giant needed a team of technicians with years of training to work on the complicated machine, but now engineers are using VR glasses to ensure each part of the warplane is on just right. The company says that this technology has enabled engineers to work 30% faster with an accuracy of up to 96%.

2. Ford Motor Company

Ford may be a 115-year old company, but they remain on the cutting edge. The company has been using some form of VR since 2000 to fine-tune the designs of its automobiles. They always want to be able to see the cars and their designs and experience them before they actually produce them.

3. Boeing

Building airplanes is no easy feat, and when hundreds of lives will be at stake, there’s no room for error. By using VR, technicians can easily see where the electrical wiring goes in the aircraft fuselage. They can roam around the airplane and see the wiring renderings in full depth within their surroundings and access instructions hands-free.

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