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What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Do you remember the Pokemon Go that became a sensational game overnight? The world user sees through the game is a combination of the real and virtual world. Augmented Reality (AR) gets the credit to create the world in the game. The gamers used to find the Pokemons in the real world. It happened because of AR. The AR technology was present before the launch of Pokemon Go, but after its release, it became the talk of the town.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is an innovative technology. It is one of the in-trend technologies, and its demand is increasing. AR represents a real-life environment with digital augmentation. You can understand the AR technology with an example of a shopping mall where people enjoy and shop in real-time, but suddenly an alien appears here. Augmented Reality can create some imaginary incidents as real. The technology is used in games, short movies, and pictures also.

AR can be defined as an enhanced version of the real world. The version can be achieved with sensory effects, sound, and visual effects. Companies that are involved in creating the business application use the technology to make their apps more advanced. In the technology boom of 2020, the use of AR has increased, and the trend to use it in different apps will continue for the next few years. Let us get some quick introduction of the technology;

Augmented Reality

AR is a technology that can bring virtual things into the real world. The technology uses the real physical world as the background. With the help of different effects, the user can experience virtual things. AR technology is available in smartphones also so that non-technical users can experience it in games and other apps. Alt reality X is adapting this tech in some useful ways.

Generally, non-technical users get confused between Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). However, both technologies are in-trend. In AR, the users experience digital elements in real-time, but in VR, the complete environment is virtual. The AR keeps the user present in his world, but VR disconnects them from the real physical world. Augmented Reality will bring innovation in many sectors with its use. Technology is the future!

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